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QDS takes pride in the quality of our designs and deliverables. Customers can be assured that extra precautions are taken for each specification required. All materials meet customer needs are sent through our quality assurance protocol before delivering the final design.

  • Our team has the capability and expertise to take your project to the next level of success with minimal stress.

  • Our team will provide quality customer service and ensure that needs are met in a timely manner.

  • Our team have years of experience to foresee potential issues and address it quickly with the Customer.

Design Capabilities

  • High Speed design to 20 GHz. Mixed signal, RF design.

  • Controlled Impedance. Fine pitch, high density, SMT.

  • High speed termination techniques.

  • Reverse engineer from gerber. Schematic entry.

  • EMI/Noise suppression techniques.

  • Routing Manual or Auto

Standard Services

  • Layout with full “Correct-by-Design” approach with leading EDA tools.

  • Fast turnaround and accurate design (call or email for lead-time inquiry).

  • Onsite design capability for Bay Area customers.

  • Full customer support (no job is too small or big).

  • Full documentation: gerbers, net-list, schematic, PDF available.

  • Deliverables: Hard plots, net-list, electronic files for layout/gerber viewing.


Q Design Services, Inc. offers design services for the Automatic Test Equipment industry such as Loadboard, DUT/Probe Card, and Mechanical interface design.

  • R & D

  • Custom Test Fixtures

  • Full Turnkey Workflow

  • Project Management

  • Document Control

  • Prototype Specialization


We also support the telecom/datacom industry including RAID/PCI Card Controllers, Gigabit Network, Backplanes, Memory modules, System Architectures as well as various bench boards and custom application boards.

  • Electrical Circuitry

  • Mechanical Designs

  • Plastic/Metal Material

  • Software Programming

  • Teradyne (J750, Catalyst, Ultraflex)

  • Advantest (HP93K)

  • Chroma

  • Burn-in Boards

  • Probe Cards

  • Evaluation Boards

  • Custom Product Boards

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